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Aldur's Watchtower is designed for a Druid, with armor, mace, boots and a class- specific Druid-only helm. The items are all geared towards a Shapeshifting. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction % Bonus To Attack Rating (2 Items) Aldur's Watchtower - The % Enhanced Damage is on the complete set, not on the.

Aldur's Watchtower is an item set in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This Set is designed for the Druid, however any class can wear the items in this set except for. Aldur's Watchtower Hey guys! I'm currently building my set sept, and I came to Aldur's Watchtower for the Druid. What build is the best for it?.

Aldur's Watchtower. Aldur's Stoney Gaze Hunter's Guise, Defense: Required Strength: Required Level: Durability: 20 25% Faster Hit Recovery. Diablo 2 | Aldur's Advance | Boots of the Aldur's Watchtower set Defense: ( varies) Required Level: 45 Required Strength: 95 Assassin Kick Damage.

Aldur's Watchtower (ORIGINAL). Aldur's Aldur's Stony Gaze (Hunter's Guise) . 4 Items: +2 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only). ‚Äč. Full Set Aldur's for Druid (Weapon 3 sockets). Single Player (Open or TCP/IP). Magic / Rare / Crafted. Weapons 1-Handed. Jewels Gems Misc. | eBay!.

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4 parts: Aldur's Stony Gaze (Hunter's Guise), Aldur's Advance (Battle Boots), Aldur's Deception (Shadow Plate), Diablo 2 Aldur's Watchtower look (icons). Buy Diablo 2 items - Aldurs Watchtower from us, the cheapest store to buy D2 items. We sell gear packs, runewords, uniques, annihilus with fast delivery.


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